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Our Play/Write Student Journal wants to engage ([under]graduate) students from any kind of background to submit brief essays including critical reflections on video games.

We offer the opportunity to both review and publish student’s written works in the field of Game Studies. Our aim is to bring together different perspectives on topics in Game Studies from people with differing (scholarly) backgrounds on a student level, to foster skills of critical analysis and writing, and to promote the visibility of students who aim to find their footing in Game Studies.

Current Issue: Volume 4

Published February 12, 2024

Meant to Be? Developing a Dating Simulator Tackling Issues of Identity
Anja Kolundžija

Where is the Intersectionality, FFS? Intersectionality in Video Games and their Culture
Marie Biedermann

The Battle of Thermopylae – How to Use Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey to Teach Students about Sparta’s Fight Against the Persian Expansion
Tamara Urach

Why Can't We? – Comparing Film and Video Games Using Similarity and Difference Factors
Borna Gredelj

In the Ring and on the Runway: Masculinities of Drag and Wrestling from TV to Video Games
Kseniia Harshina

Literary and Ludic Mise-en-Abyme in What Remains of Edith Finch
Samuele Balduzzi

Implicit Messages in the Edutainment Game The Oregon Trail
Ylva Schütz

King Arthur as a Romanceable Anime Girl: Depictions of Arthurian Legends in Japanese Video Games
Tom Tuček


Volume 3: Special Issue: Capitalism at Play

Published March 27, 2023

Authors: Luca Braun, Elias René Mohamed Chraïbi, Konstantin Gitschthaler, Manuel Günther, Mano Marichal, Ylva Schütz, Miriam Scuderi

Volume 2

Published July 18, 2022

Authors: Marie Biedermann, Süleyman Utku Dağlı, Rachel Gorden, Benjamin Hanussek, Yvette R. Puff, Thomas Sauerschnig, Tom Tuček

Volume 1: Special Issue: Death in Games

Published February 3, 2022

Authors: Mohammad Aldehayat, Samuele Balduzzi, Alin-Lucian Brebulet, Manuel Günther, Ahmad Kalatiani, Tom Tuček


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Rachel Gorden

Tom Tuček

Samuele Balduzzi

Ylva Schütz

Ellie Chraïbi

Kseniia Harshina

Michele Fanelli

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Nikolay Markozov



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