The KCGL is a junior research hub tied to the Game Studies & Engineering Master’s programme of the Klagenfurt university. Our mission is to enable student centred research and development by and for students while engaging them to participate in light academic activities. While the KCGL tries to inform, inspire and involve students to experience the joy of researching and making games, we also intend to provide¬† young researchers and developers a platform to present and discuss their work.


Our work is first and foremost an attempt to inform students and colleagues about innovative games' research and development.


Our work will only make a difference if we manage to inspire thoughts through creative ways to disseminate knowledge.


The KCGL is for and by students. Finding ways to involve students and help them to present their work is a priority for us.



Our Critical Game Lab focuses on the analysis of videogames. Applying relevant methods and theories from game studies while showing how it can be done is our mission. 


Our Coding Game Lab provides workshops in game development. Our goal is to encourage people to become competent and coding while also preparing them for our local game jam.





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