Critical Lab

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The Critical Lab has the mission to give students a platform to analyse and discuss games while also giving a glimpse of of how it can be done properly.

From investigating sexist mechanics to using psychoanalysis theory to interpret complex narratives, we do not shy away to use the methods we learn here to engage with the games we love and hate.


We are streaming our sessions onThursdays every second week via Twitch!


Shorter edits of our lab sessions and extra content are provided on Youtube.


You will find news regarding the lab and affiliated activities on twitter.


Not dead yet! If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us on facebook !

Join our Study Group!

Our Study Group accompanies our local Game Studies lecture with revisions, presentations and practices. While its main purpose is to prepare you for the exam it will try its best to widen your horizon! 

Like writing essays?

Our GS-Journal tries to engage students in reflecting critically on videogames in brief essays. All you need is a game, a theory and a conclusion! Best essays receive a price and promo!