Coding Lab

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The Coding Lab (now also called Game Dev Night) has the mission to strengthen competences in coding and game development through regular workshop sessions and practices.

From unity to unreal, a wide range of topics for beginners or advanced students will be taught, explained and discussed during our Coding Lab sessions.


We are streaming our sessions on Thursdays every second week via Twitch!


Shorter edits of our lab sessions and extra content are provided on Youtube.


You will find news regarding the lab and affiliated activities on twitter.


Not dead yet! If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us on facebook !

Show us what your learned at the Klagenfurt Game Jam!

While the Codings Lab’s first duty is to disseminate practical knowledge in coding it is also intended to prepare new students for our biannual game jam, where they can experiment with their newly acquired skills!

Would you like us to showcase your game?