Klagenfurt Critical/Coding Game Lab


The KCGL is a junior research hub by and for students of the University of Klagenfurt’s Game Studies & Engineering programme.

What we do? We support our programme through workshops, events and other activities. Our goal is to give students an effective platform to exchange and advance their ideas on the development and study of (video)games.


Our Coding Game Lab provides workshops in game development. Our goal is to encourage people to become competent in coding while also preparing them for our local game jam.


Our Critical Game Lab focuses on the analysis of videogames. Applying relevant methods and theories from game studies while showing how it can be done is our mission. 

Our local game jam at the University of Klagenfurt was pitched in 2016 and happens biannually. Why not join us next time for 3 days of fun, challenge and community? 

Interested in what our students think?