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Our Play/Write Student Journal wants to engage ([under]graduate) students from any kind of background to submit brief essays including critical reflections on video games.

On a quarter-yearly basis, a game-related theme is announced to which you can submit your essay. On basis of quality, style and creativity, the most convincing essays will be chosen to be published in our Play/Write Student Journal here on our web page.

The current issue's theme is "Death in Games"

As inevitable as death is to life, it is still a topic we tend to avoid – be it individually or (in some cases) culturally. Yet death is a central element of many games, and games provide us with a multitude of experiences in connection to it. We would therefore like to critically explore this connection in the upcoming issue, and take into account as many different perspectives on the matter as possible.

We are looking forward to reading (and publishing) your take on this theme!

Submission Deadline: December 1st, 2021

Before submitting, please make sure that your piece matches our formal requirements, which you can find below in our writing guidelines.

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All submissions will be reviewed by at least two of our tutors who will provide constructive feedback on your essay. You will also be informed if your essay will be published on our site.

When writing, please orientate yourself on our guidelines:

While we are curious to read about all your ideas, we have established these guidelines to encourage structure and quality, helping us to fairly evaluate the submissions. Make sure that your submission also meets the formal criteria defined in the guidelines.

To gain an overview of relevant theoretical approaches and landmark texts in Game Studies, check out this bibliography:

You can also use any of the texts recommended here as possible starting points for your essays.

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